Classroom Assignments

Here you will find links to help you with various classroom assignments.

Ms. Johnson/Mrs. Beckett

Works Cited Format

Works Cited Examples



Ms. Johnson

Day 1:
1. On your own paper, go to this website and read material/answer questions. Do this on your own paper. Label it “Day 1.”


Day 2: Label your paper “Day 2.”
1. Do process #3 only. Answer questions on own paper.

2. Tour Auschwitz: What do you think of this? Give me 5-8 sentences of response. I expect to see specific references to the images you see.

Mrs. Bernal/Mrs. Fox – Elements



Mrs. Hager/Mrs. Vowels – Infertility

Infertility – Mayo Clinic
WebMD Infertility Center
Infertility – Medline Plus
Infertility/Reproductive Health – CDC


Mrs. Hager/Mrs. Vowels – STD Research

National Institute of Health – Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Centers of Disease Control and Prevention – STD’s
Teens Health – about STD’s
Mayo Clinic – STD information


Mrs. Fiechter
Create an annotated bibliography for these articles:

Next, use SIRS Issue Researcher ( and search for one of the following subjects.  Choose an article to read, and create an annotated bibliography.

  • Women’s Rights, Iran OR Women, Iran
  • Iran, Social Conditions
  • Islamic Fundamentalism


Mrs. Ray